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Come talk to us about how to make sure your fish and plants thrive.

Before you bring fish home…

You need to first “cycle” your tank. This term comes from the “nitrogen cycle,” or the process that establishes healthy bacterial balance. This helps limit harmful levels of ammonia created by fish waste and decaying plant matter from hurting your fish. We have products and expertise that can help make the following process go faster:

Nitrogen Cycle Graphic Showing Fish Waste and Plant Decay Being Converted into Nitrate and Nitrite
  • Fish and other livestock eat food and produce waste that releases ammonia as it decomposes
  • Bacteria consume the ammonia and produce nitrite (you can buy supplemental bacteria to “start” your tank)
  • Different bacteria consume the nitrite and produce nitrate
  • Water changes dilute the nitrate, and plants also help utilize it, making sure your fish can thrive

Some other things to consider…

Creating a healthy and beautiful aquarium takes more than just proper tank cycling. We are happy to help you discuss your needs and aquatic interests so that you can enjoy your tank for years to come. Consider your needs regarding the following:

  • Type of fish or other livestock
  • Freshwater vs. Saltwater
  • Size of tank
  • Tank aesthetics or aquascaping
  • Time commitment
  • Budget
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