Dwarf Shrimp & Other Invertebrates

Have you always wanted a pet crab or crayfish? Now’s your chance.

We have the right Freshwater Inverts for your tank setup.

Here are just a few highlights from our selection.

Ornamental Dwarf Shrimp

Amano Shrimp




Opae Ula Shrimp

Here are some of our Freshwater Invertebrates

We regularly rotate stock and get shipments twice per week so call ahead to learn our latest selection.

  • Caridina & Neocaridina Dwarf Shrimp
  • Ramshorns, Rabbit, Apple, & Nerite Snails
  • Amano & Other Algae-Eating Shrimp
  • Opae Ula & Other Brackish Inverts
  • Japanese River Crabs & Thai Microcrabs
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